Mau Monleón Pradas (COMISSIONER)

Mau Monleón Pradas CURATOR Valencia, Spain Visual artist and feminist curator, specialist in public art and transmedia. Studies at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, Germany. Tenured Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Member of the Laboratory of Intermediate Creations [...]

María Martínez Martínez – MAtz (CREATIVE DIRECTOR IN WEB DESIGN)

María Martínez Martínez - MAtz CREATIVE DIRECTOR IN WEB DESIGN Los Alcázares, 1998. She is currently dedicated to its artistic production, based on the human settlement and the relationships that occur in it. Research the architecture that makes up the city, the [...]

Alejandro Martínez Nicolás

Alejandro Martínez Nicolás Villena (Alicante), 1999. Social criticism, animal abuse or feelings such as loneliness and emptiness are the topics that are repeated the most within my artistic practice, topics that show my vision about life, reality or society. I work in [...]

Alexander Lomas

Alexander Lomas Alexander Lomas was born on April 14, 1996 in San Sebastián, Basque Country. Since he was little he has excelled in drawing and crafts, thus winning several school competitions. But it was not until he completed an artistic bachelor's degree that [...]

Ana Mª Paz

Ana Mª Paz Ana Mª Paz, (1997) student of fine arts and conservation and restoration, now she is focuses on finding the techniques which she feels most comfortable or that best match her work, she especially tends to use graphics, woodcuts, engravings , [...]

Celia Álvarez de la Iglesia

Celia Álvarez de la Iglesia Celia Álvarez de la Iglesia is an artist emigrated from Extremadura who lives in Valencia to develop creatively in the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Universitat Politècnica. Her interest lies in all forms of [...]

Clara Lledó Arastey – Autre.cla

Clara Lledó Arastey - Autre.cla Artist in training, visual and pictorial. I enjoy the street and cannot live without it. "Give me sun and call me a fool." In my work there is a recurrent to anthropological and sociological writings and essays. [...]

Daniela Pliego

Daniela Pliego I have little to say, I am Daniela Pliego Rocha and I come from Mexico, I have many expectations about life. I am somewhat scattered and I dream a lot. I study fine arts and I have the firm idea [...]

Erik Godoy Selva

Erik Godoy Selva Graduated in Fine Arts in Polytechnic University of Valencia. His main work ambits are animation, illustration and comics. He combines his characteristic cartoon language in these ambits with other artistic expressions, which he knows very well, such as music [...]

Feyza Goecmenli

Feyza Goecmenli Feyza is an Architecture student from Düsseldorf, located in Germany, which is part of Europe, which is part of the galaxy popularly called the Milky Way, which is known to be a component of the universe. THE RIVERS TWISTS AND [...]

Jeanne Portejoie

Jeanne Portejoie Hello, my name is Jeanne Portejoie. I come from France and especially from the Aquitaine region where the city of Bordeaux is located. We often know Bordeaux for the image of wine, it is the first cliché to emerge. Well, [...]

Joar Remolar

Joar Remolar Joar Remolar (Castelló, 1999) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Valencia. She is currently studying Fine Arts at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Joar has exhibited at the Baronía museum, with a group exhibition called "Expressions" and has also exhibited in [...]

José Palao García

José Palao García José Palao García was born in Yecla in 1995. Since school, he shows interest in the artistic world, drawing and going out to paint in the street with his friends in his high school years. During his training, he [...]

Judith Martinez Gambín

Judith Martinez Gambín 1999, Callosa de Segura Interdisciplinary visual artist. I reflect on my own and / or other people's daily environment that influences us. In any process and implementation I keep out all material originating from animal exploitation, highlighting a line [...]

Leandra Navarro Idiarte – Ksaudade

Leandra Navarro Idiarte - Ksaudade Leandra Navarro Idiarte, Ksaudade as artistic name, was born in Amposta, a city in Catalonia, Spain. At the age of 5 she moved with her parents and her two brothers to be closer to her grandparents. Her [...]

Lucas Desbordes

Lucas Desbordes Lucas Desbordes was born in Bordeaux in 1999. He is a student of architecture in Bordeaux. His stay in Spain was born from the desire to discover a new culture, new people and above all to pronounce his surname in [...]

Lucía Rúa

Lucía Rúa Lucía Rúa was born in the rural area of Compostela in 1996, into a labor family. She spent her youth during the 2008 crisis, a period of social conflict in which her activist interests were born. After beginning his studies in [...]

Lydia Reig

Lydia Reig Lydia Reig ( Xàbia, Alicante) was born in 1997 and currently resides in the city of Valencia. Is a multidisciplinary artist, focused mainly in visual arts, especially in video, performance and illustration. Her work borns with the intention of express whatewher [...]

Mailys Breton

Mailys Breton Mailys Breton was born in 1998 in Angoulême, France. Architect in training, she is also passionate about art. Currently in Valencia since February for 6 months, she experiences her artistic creation through the Pandemic City exhibition. • The city as a [...]

Mar Carrascosa Agustín

Mar Carrascosa Agustín Mar Carrascosa Agustín was born on May 12, 1999 in Valencia. Since she was very little she has always shown an interest in painting and drawing. She always participated in school competitions and also she went to the extra-school painting [...]

Mar R. Macián

Mar R. Macián Mar R. Macián (València, 1998) is a visual artist whose main interest is the articulation of images and their interaction with the context in which they are found. She combines studio work with interventions in public space, mainly murals. In [...]

Maria de las Nieves Miras Sánchez

Maria de las Nieves Miras Sánchez Miras Maria de las Nieves Sánchez, born in Tacna, Peru, in 1997, has lived for 20 years in Valencia, where he attended Art School in the IES Josep de Ribera, continuing his studies in Fine Arts, UPV, [...]

Marina Tedesco

Marina Tedesco Marina Tedesco (Paris, 1998) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Valencia. She is currently studying at the Facultat de Belles Arts de Sant Carles, exploring different artistic fields. Her work deals with the critique of social injustices, in particular those that [...]

Miriam Escurriola Allemann

Miriam Escurriola Allemann Multifaceted artist, with studies in aesthetics, industrial pattern, fashion, graphic design, painting, photography and video creation. With the motto of life "Dreams are made of sweat, fight and tears" with the song in the background" that the rhythm [...]

Paula Barceló Galindo

Paula Barceló Galindo Murcia, 2000. From an early age she was interested in drawing and animation, a girl who expressed her ideas through expression and line. She was born in the Region of Murcia, specifically in Torre-Pacheco. She grew up [...]

Paula Ramis Sempere

Paula Ramis Sempere Paula Ramis Sempere (September 2000) is an interdisciplinary artist that covers above all sculpture, artistic installation and photography. She is currently studying Fine Arts at the Universitat Politècnica de València. His works are, in their essence, a type of personal [...]


SONIA MARTÍ INGLÉS Valencia, España 2000 Sonia Martí was born in Valencia, Spain the 10th of March 2000. She finished primary and middle school in the college of Nuestra Señora del Carmen y San Vicente de Paúl, located in Valencia. After that she [...]